Our vision

Sustainable & cheap energy
is our vision for a better future

We dream that our children can grow up on the same beautiful planet as we do. That’s why we want to help supply all the homes in the world with green and affordable energy.

The company was founded with this idea in mind. Investing in photovoltaic is not only an important contribution to climate protection, but also an investment in financial and geopolitical independence.

As founders of Sonnis, we are completely convinced that photovoltaic will make the most significant contribution to a sustainable energy supply:

The sun as a primary energy source

The sun is the origin of all energy sources:

Photovoltaics allows us to use solar radiation to generate electrical energy directly.

For more independence

Electricity prices have almost doubled in recent years. By installing a PV system, you not only reduce your electricity costs, but you also become less dependent on geopolitical and financial risks.

For more sustainability

A sustainable energy supply is the main challenge of our generation. With the help of renewable energies, we can ensure that we protect our environment and make a contribution so that future generations can also experience the world as we know it.

For more economic efficiency

Renewable energies are the cheapest energy sources and by using them you can earn a good return on investment and make our European economy more competitive.

Founder & Management

Yanislav Boyanov

Founder & Managing Director

We are on the brink of a crucial energy revolution. How quickly our society can transition to renewable energies will be critical for the preservation of our prosperity and saving our environment. It was important to me to build up a company that is dedicated to this important task and proves every day that we must not play prosperity and climate protection off against each other.

Bujamin Misimi

Founder & Managing Director

A sustainable and decentralised electricity supply is indispensable for us to achieve our climate goals and minimise our dependence. I am convinced that every individual can make a contribution. This is my intrinsic drive and with Sonnis Energy we want to offer everyone the opportunity to participate and make their contribution.