Sustainable and independent
through own solar solution

Photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial customers

The vision

A new vision for energy

Sustainability and independence through your own solar solutions are in focus today more than ever. Photovoltaic systems are a proven way to generate clean energy while lowering your energy costs. At Sonnis Energy, we have developed a new vision for solar installation that greatly simplifies the process for residential and commercial customers, turning it into a positive experience.

Photovoltaics as experience

We take care of the complexity. You enjoy your sustainable investment. Fast processing of your request, clear project flow, fast feedback, personal support, and fast project completion without compromising on quality – this is what we stand for as a company. Our commitment to excellence ensures your satisfaction at every step.

Your needs first

Turnkey solutions at Sonnis, tailored to your needs! The motives for installing a photovoltaic system are very different. Analyzing them and offering the right products and services based on them is our main task. We understand what you want and help you to realize your own vision. Our experienced team ensures a smooth process from consultation to installation.

Sustainable and forward-looking

We act out of conviction. To offer optimal service, our driving force is sustainability. The Sonnis Energy team is convinced that investing in a photovoltaic system is economical and significantly contributes to climate protection and preserving our prosperity. This enables us to always do our best for you and the environment.

Photovoltaic systems for private customers

Realize your own energy vision quickly & easily with our service

Photovoltaic systems for commercial customers

With our performance for more sustainability and independence in your company

Our performance

Request and configuration

Use our online inquiry form to provide us with initial key data about your property. We will then contact you to quickly prepare a first offer for your individual system.

Consulting And Planning

We will answer all your questions and clarify what type and size of solar system is best for you. Our engineers will specify your individual energy system and the offer.

Installation and commissioning

We deliver all required materials and install your solar system at your location. Finally, you will receive all the project documentation and a detailed briefing on your new system

Our products

We offer turnkey photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial customers. As part of our solutions we offer the following products: